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Advanced Skin & Body Curriculum

Most classes are available both in person and virtually.  Please see the class description on the registration link for complete details

All courses are for licensed beauty professionals only unless notated otherwise.

Course Offerings: Classes

Rezenerate Nano Technology Featuring Hale & Hush Skincare Workshop

Available Class Dates 

May 7, 2024 - 5:00pm-7:30pm - Zoom EST

Learn all about Rezenerate Nano Technology and what makes it the Best. Facial. Ever.


In this workshop we will be performing a live demo using products from Hale & Hush. Learn Product Knowledge of the products being used in our demo and follow our team approved protocol to safely administer a Rezenerate Facial using the Hale & Hush skincare line.


You will also learn:

  • Why Hale & Hush goes Beyond Sensitive Skin.

  • What sets Rezenerate apart from other product infusion devices.

  • How to properly use the Rezenerate Wand.

  • Approved Hale & Hush/Rezenerate Protocol.


You will also receive a special promo from both companies to help you get up and running with this new service. We will also have special promos for those who already own or use Hale & Hush or the Rezenerate System.


Cost:  $49


Professional Beauty License Required.

Must register through Hale & Hush Website by clicking below.

Brazilian Wax Workshop - VIRTUAL

Available Class Dates TBA

Join our own Melissa Mercado for a virtual brazilian wax workshop. 


Melissa will review

Setting up for Success

Greeting to Rebooking

Live Brazilian Wax Demo


For attending you will receive:

Certificate of attendance

Brazilian Wax Cheat Sheet

$25 Bombshell Wax Gift Card


This class is for licensed professionals looking for tips and tricks to better refine their skills as a Brazilian Wax Technician.


Professional Beauty License Required

Cost: $49

Hale & Hush Product Knowledge Training

Available Class Days

April 29, 2024 - 10am-2pm - Wallingford, CT

May 6, 2024 - 12pm-3pm - Zoom EST

October 7, 2024 Time TBD - Wallingford, CT


Hale & Hush is the sensitive skin expert skincare line. In this class you will learn the key ingredients and benefits for each of our products and how they can help heal, nourish, and repair the skin. You will learn about skin sensitivities and challenges due to environmental exposure, stress, hormones, aging, allergies, cosmetic intolerances, and diseases and disorders. Our line is a perfect partner to any other professional skincare lines and incorporates beautifully with any professional treatments you may be already using. This class will also cover modalities and devices that pair well with our line. Hale & Hush is extremely effective for sensitive skin, medically tested and free of negatives. Every treatment room should have Hale & Hush for back bar to remedy many symptoms of redness, itchiness, inflammation, and poor barrier function. The use of these specialized products for retail and home care for those clients with this skin type are life changing.

This is a certification class, so your attendance is required for the entirety of the class. At the end of the class there will be a small quiz. Upon passing the quiz you will receive a certificate of completion, and discount on all products on your initial order.

Professional Beauty License Required

Must register thru Hale and Hush Website for a virtual or in person option by clicking below.

VIRTUAL Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Available Class Dates

2024 Dates TBD


Increase your revenue by adding cosmetic tooth whitening to your menu of services!


This system is a self administered teeth whitening system, which means if you are correctly promoting and performing this service, anyone can offer this service in Connecticut.  It is a simple, effective and profitable service.


In this class you will learn:


How to promote and sell this service to your clients

How to set up for your client

How often can you perform this treatment

How to maintain the results

How to use a pre-filled treatment tray to self-administer without direct contact to your client’s mouth


Your treatment teeth whitening system will include:


  • LED Accelerator Light

  • 25 Whitening Kits

  • 25 Take Home Whitening Pens

  • 2 Protective Shades

  • Step by Step Training Manual

  • Treatment Consent Form

  • Aftercare Instructions

  • Take Home Whitening Pens Instructions

  • Training and Certification via Zoom or FaceTime

  • Life-time warranty for LED teeth whitening light

These classes are virtual, but in person class is available upon calling to schedule prior to class start date.

Professional Beauty License NOT REQUIRED

Certificate of Completion will be given


Vajacial Certification Featuring Hale & Hush Products 

Available Class Dates

July 23, 2024 - 5pm-7pm - Zoom EST

Excellent for those suffering from ingrown hairs. Its purpose is to remove dead skin cells and smooth bumps around the bikini line, preventing acne and helping to maintain healthy, hydrated skin.

Featuring products by Hale & Hush, learn how to set up and perform this treatment using any product line. This is a great add on for any waxing or skin care business!

This class is a Virtual Training and Demo. 

In Person Training is available in Connecticut or surrounding areas, please contact us for more information.

Professional Beauty License Required.

Kit options will be available to purchase after the class at a discount.


Certificate of Completion will be given


Registration for this class is thru Hale & Hush Skincare Below

Intimate Skin Brightening and Vajacial Collection with Prana SpaCeuticals 

Available Class Dates 

March 6, 2024 - Wallingford or Virtual

July 17, 2024 - Wallingford or Virtual

You will learn:


- About Prana's intimate collections including the Intimate Brightening System, The Fanny Facial, & the NEW V Collection.

- About Hyper-Friction- What is it and what causes it?
- Product Knowledge of the Intimate Brightening System and the V Collection
- How to incorporate the system into your wax menu.
- Homecare and why it is essential.

- Demo

Professional Beauty License Required.

Professional Mini Kit Optional

Certificate of Completion Provided

Intimate Skin Brightening and Vajacial Collection with Prana SpaCeuticals 

Available Class Dates 

July 17, 2024 - 5pm-8pm - Wallingford or Virtual

Discover Prana SpaCeuticals Intimate products and learn how to take your business to the next level by carving in intimate wellness into your business model. Modern men and women are wanting to take care of the WHOLE body and for many at the forefront are issues with deodorant, hormones and hyperfriction. 


This training includes Product Knowledge for all professional and retail intimate wellness products including the V collection and intimate brightening collection, step by step protocols for the Intimate Brightening Service, and a live demo of the Intimate Brightening Professional Service.


Virtual or in person options available


Professional Beauty License Required.


Professional Kit Optional and is a miniature version which includes:

x1 - 1oz Hoo Ha Cleanser

x1 - 0.5oz Lactic Peel

x1 - 0.5oz Bikini Peel

x1 - 0.5oz AHA/BHA Masque

x1 - 1oz Arnica Gel


Will service 3-5 treatments depending on body part

Certificate of Completion Provided

Advanced Wax Techniques- Full Body

Available Class Dates 

5/13/24 9am-3pm Wallingford, CT 

Gain new skills in both soft and hard wax in this hands on course. Includes lecture, demonstration and hands on training. Excellent class for anyone looking to refresh on basic wax skills or to increase speed and confidence regardless of brand preference.

Learn marketing skills, tips to build business, increase revenue and how to make more money!

Virtual option also available, however in person is preferred. 

Professional Beauty License Required.

Professional Kit Optional

Certificate Provided

Advanced Hands on Female Brazilian


Dates Available: 

June 17, 2024 9am-3pm Wallingford, CT 


Master your skills in both soft and hard wax in this hands on course. Includes lecture, demonstration and hands on training. Excellent class for anyone looking to refine their skills regardless of brand preference.

This class will focus on the female brazilian but the instructor can help with other body parts as well if time allows.

Learn marketing skills, tips to increase revenue and how to make more money!

Virtual option also available, however in person is preferred. 

Professional Beauty License Required.

Professional Kit Optional

Certificate Provided

Professional Kit Optional

Certificate Provided

Register here

Brow Beautification Certification

Available Class Dates

May 13, 2024 - 4pm-8pm Wallingford, CT


Master your eyebrow shaping and facial waxing techniques using both hard and soft wax. Learn the art of mapping, design, tinting and eyebrow shading to upsell your brow design services and teach your clients how to show the same love to their own brows.

Virtual option also available, however in person is preferred. 

Professional Beauty License Required.

Professional Kit Optional

Certificate Provided

Brow Lamination Class

Available Class Dates TBA


If you've been wanting to add brow lifting/lamination and tinting services to your business, this class is for you.

This course is ideal for professionals who want to learn the newest technique to tame unruly brows, create a fuller appearance, and re-direct the direction of hairs for the ultimate brow service. The class is structured to provide theory and hands-on practical experience.


A brow lift kit is recommended, so you can immediately implement what you've learned during the course. Not only will you receive personalized attention during the training, but you'll also receive ongoing support as you build your skill and techniques. 


- Hair histology

- Brow trends and correcting growth patterns

- Concerns and contraindications

- Brow lifting techniques and applications

- Brow tinting protocols and how to combine with lifting

- Client consultation

- Marketing/Business-building 


- Manual

- Brow lift product kit with about 15 treatments ($125 value) - Optional

- Certification upon homework assignments

on each other during the hands-on.

Professional Beauty License Required.

Professional Kit Optional

Lash Lift & Tint Certification

Available Class Dates

Eyelash Lifting is the fastest growing new service in the beauty industry! Our 1 day training explores theory and techniques of eyelash lifting application. Course covers client consultation, safety and sanitation protocol, procedure for treatment, and pre/post-treatment care, marketing tips, and hands on experience. Eyelash Lifting maintenance will bring your client back to you every 8-12 weeks to lift lashes where the others have shed through the natural growth cycle.

This services pairs nicely with Lash and Brow Tinting.

Professional Beauty License Required.

Professional Kit Optional

Certificate Provided

Register Here

Gentlemen's Facial Training VIRTUAL

Available Class Dates

May 6, 2024 - 5pm-7pm - Zoom - EST

August 12, 2024 - 5pm-7pm - Zoom EST


This class focuses on treating men’s skin issues and created specifically for the male client.  Often these skin issues are shaving-related such as razor burn, folliculitis, blackheads or other skin conditions or sensitivities.  This class will cover the products necessary to perform a sensitive skin facial on a male client focusing on deep cleansing, exfoliation, toning and hydration. Regular skincare services for male clients help to prevent acne, decrease congestion and blackheads, and maintain healthy, hydrated skin. Also included is a suggested beard cleansing and care, a demo of our men’s facial protocol and suggested home care routines. Sign up now for this specialized product knowledge class. This is a great add on for any esthetician, cosmetologists or barber.


This class is a Virtual Training and Demo will be shown


Open only to licensed beauty professionals. 

Registration for this class is thru Hale & Hush Skincare Below

Head Massage Journey IN PERSON

Available Class Dates 


Join Miss V. for a globally inspired head massage journey.

Coming from a place of deep cultural appreciation and respectfully presented we will explore ideas and techniques to transport your clients to not only a different time zone but to another realm entirely.

In a small class with lecture, demo and guided hands on we will learn about the role of head massage in other countries and explore basic theories and techniques enabling us to perform this multi dimensional treatment on our clients.

Practical matters such as contraindications, sanitation, positioning clients, whether or not to use oil, if so what oil, when to do it in a facial or other treatment, how to make it a stand alone treatment and much more will be addressed.

Upon registration please let us know of any allergies you may have as we will be using a seasonally appropriate oil blend made by Valentina for use in the class. You will also receive a 2oz bottle of this head massage blend to take home.

Please bring your preferred note taking materials, a set of old sheets, a large towel and a hand towel. Wear or bring a non favorite shirt as we will be working with oil. Since it may be cold outside you may want to bring a cap or something to keep your head warm when you leave, as your head will be oily.


Esthetician or Massage License Required.

Intro to Aromatherapy

Available Class Dates TBA


Whether you are just starting out or you would like to refresh your knowledge let’s take a balanced, non-propogandized 

approach to using essential oils safely and wisely in the spa and at home.

Fun, fast paced and interactive we will cover lots of ground including but not limited to:

-Aromatherapy-what it is, and what it isn’t 

-What are essential oils and where do they come from

-Safety and contraindications

-Easy and inexpensive ways to use aromatherapy in the spa

-What to look for when purchasing essential oils 

-How to modify an existing essential oil “recipe”, or  make substitutions

-How to blend without a recipe 

We will also have the opportunity to create our own custom blend to take home.

Must be a licensed beauty pro

Professional Kit included

Basic Fundamentals of Makeup

Available Class dates TBA

Have you been a licensed Esthetician or cosmetologist for years, yet haven’t focused on working as a makeup artist? Maybe you’ve forgotten the basics of makeup artistry and would like to make a career shift. Perhaps you’re a professional makeup artist looking to refresh your knowledge so you can feel more confident in the services you offer.Then this course is for you! The Basic Fundamentals of Professional Makeup Artistry will go over everything you need to know to be able to confidently pick up a makeup brush and work on clients. In this course, we go over color theory, shade matching, product knowledge, and so much more!

Professional makeup kit included.

Professional Beauty License Required.

Certificate Provided

Bridal Makeup 101

Available Class Dates TBA

Are you a makeup artist looking to specialize in the world of weddings? Bridal Makeup 101 will teach you everything you need to know to flawlessly create a look that lasts.

Professional bridal makeup kit included.

Professional Beauty License Required.

Certificate Provided

Intro to Special FX

Available Class Dates TBA


Are you a makeup artist looking to expand your services into the world of special fx? Intro to Special FX will teach you simple makeup applications you can do in minutes that can be added to any look. You’ll also learn how to combine these techniques to create a horrific masterpiece, perfect on set or for your client’s next Halloween party.

Professional beginner special fx kit included.

Professional Beauty License Required.

Certificate Provided

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